A template is represented in YAML as a normal string, and thus supports all of YAML's string syntaxes. Templates receive post-processing that injects dynamic values into the string. A templated value is represented with {{...}}.

Templates can generally be used in any value in a request recipe (not in keys). They cannot be used in profiles or chains, to avoid the potential for recursive templating. If this feature would be useful to you, le tme know.

For more detail on usage and examples, see the user guide page on templates.

Template Sources

There are several ways of sourcing templating values:

Profile Field{{field_name}}Static value from a profile
Environment Variable{{env.VARIABLE}}Environment variable from parent shell/process
Chain{{chains.chain_id}}Complex chained value


# Profile value
"hello, {{location}}"
# Multiple dynamic values
"{{greeting}}, {{location}}"
# Environment variable
"hello, {{env.LOCATION}}"
# Chained value
"hello, {{chains.where_am_i}}"
# No dynamic values
"hello, world!"