Query Parameters

Query parameters are a component of a request URL. They provide additional information to the server about a request. In a request recipe, query parameters can be defined in one of two formats:

  • Mapping of key: value
  • List of strings, in the format <key>=<value>

The mapping format is typically more readable, but the list format allows you to define the same query parameter multiple times. In either format, the key is treated as a plain string but the value is treated as a template.

Note: If you need to include a = in your parameter name, you'll need to use the mapping format. That means there is currently no support for multiple instances of a parameter with = in the name. This is very unlikely to be a restriction in the real world, but if you need support for this please open an issue.


  get_fishes_mapping: !request
    method: GET
    url: "{{host}}/get"
      big: true
      color: red
      name: "{{name}}"

  get_fishes_list: !request
    method: GET
    url: "{{host}}/get"
      - big=true
      - color=red
      - color=blue
      - name={{name}}