1.1.0 - 2024-05-05

v1.1.0 May 5 2024 at 14:23 UTC


  • Add section field to !request chain values, to allow chaining response headers rather than body (#184)
  • Add action to save response body to file (#183)
  • Add theme field to the config, to configure colors (#193)
  • Add stdin option to command chains (#190)


  • Reduce UI latency under certain scenarios
    • Previously some actions would feel laggy because of an inherent 250ms delay in processing some events
  • Search parent directories for collection file (#194)
  • Use thicker borders for selected pane and modals
  • Change default TUI colors to blue and yellow


  • Fix Slumber going into zombie mode and CPU spiking to 100% under certain closure scenarios (#136)
  • Fix historical request/response no loading on first render (#199)