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Published on Apr 8 2024 at 18:38 UTC
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Disclaimer: Slumber is still early in development. It is ready to use, but updates still will have occasional breaking changes. Until version 1.0 is released, be prepared to have to change your config file after upgrades. I'll do my best to keep the upgrades as smooth as possible.

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Slumber example

Slumber is a TUI (terminal user interface) HTTP client. Define, execute, and share configurable HTTP requests. Slumber is built on some basic principles:

  • It will remain free to use forever
  • You own your data: all configuration and data is stored locally and can be checked into version control
  • It will never be enshittified


Slumber is based around collections. A collection is a group of request recipes, which are templates for the requests you want to run. A simple collection could be:

# slumber.yml
  get: !request
    method: GET

Create this file, then run the TUI with slumber.

For a more extensive example, see the docs.