1.0.0 - 2024-04-25

v1.0.0 Apr 25 2024 at 01:35 UTC


  • Rename collection file parameter on all CLI commands from --collection/-c to --file/-f
    • The goal here is to be more intuitive/predictable, since -f is much more common in similar programs (e.g. docker-compose)


  • Support booleans and numbers for query values (#141)
  • Add default field to !prompt chains, which allows setting a pre-populated value for the prompt textbox


  • Folders can now be collapsed in the recipe list (#155)
  • Improvements to Insomnia import (#12)
  • Rename import-experimental command to import
    • It's official now! It's still going to get continuted improvement though
  • Show WARN/ERROR log output for CLI commands
  • Validate recipe method field during deserialization instead of on request init
    • This means you'll get an error on startup if your method is invalid, instead of when you go to run the request
    • This is not a breaking change because if you had an incorrect HTTP method, the request still didn't work before, it just broke later
  • Arguments to chains are now treated as templates (#151)
    • Support fields are path for !file chains, command for !command chains, and message for !prompt chains
    • This means you can now really chain chains together!