0.18.0 - 2024-04-18

v0.18.0 Apr 18 2024 at 21:27 UTC


  • All existing recipes must be tagged with !request in the collection file
    • This is necessary to differentiate from the new !folder type
  • Profile values are always treated as templates now
    • Any profile values that were previously the "raw" variant (the default) that contain template syntax (e.g. {{user_id}}) will now be rendered as templates. In reality this is very unlikely, so this probably isn't going to break your setup
    • If you have an existing profile value tagged with !template it won't break, but it will no longer do anything
  • Unknown fields in config/collection files will now be rejected (#154)
    • In most cases this field is a mistake, so this is meant to make debugging easier
    • If you have an intentional unknown field, you can now nest it under .ignore to ignore it
  • Replace slumber show dir with slumber show paths


  • Request recipes can now be organized into folders (#60)
  • Add slumber show config and slumber show collection subcommands


  • Prevent infinite recursion in templates
    • It now triggers a helpful error instead of a panic
  • Support additional key codes for input mapping, including media keys


  • Multiple spaces between modifiers/key codes in a key combination are now ignored