0.11.0 - 2023-12-20

v0.11.0 Dec 20 2023 at 22:28 UTC


  • Add action to copy entire request/response body (#74)
  • Persist UI state between sessions (#39)
  • Text window can be controlled with PgUp/PgDown/Home/End (#77)
  • Add back manual reload keybinding (R)
    • Mostly for development purposes
  • Add collection ID/path to help modal (#59)
    • Also add collection ID to terminal title
  • Add new docs for templates and collection reuse (#67)


  • [BREAKING] Key profiles/chains/requests by ID in collection file
  • [BREAKING] Merge request history into a single DB file
    • Request history (and UI state) will be lost
  • [BREAKING] show subcommand now takes a target argument
    • Right now the only option is slumber show dir, which has the same behavior as the old slumber show (except now it prints the bare directory)
  • [BREAKING] Remove option to toggle cursor capture
    • Turns out it's not that useful, since most terminals provide override behavior
  • Filter request history by profile (#74)
  • Hide sensitive chain values in preview
  • Change fullscreen keybinding from F11 to F
    • F11 in some cases is eaten by the IDE or OS, which is annoying


  • Don't require collection file to be present for show subcommand (#62)
  • Fix state file being created in root Slumber directory if collection file is invalid (#71)
  • Fix pane cycling while in fullscreen (#76)